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Автор(ы): Jamoliddinova Nilufar Akramjonovna, Aliyeva Zulkhumor Jabbor qizi
Рубрика: Педагогические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №2 2020»  (февраль, 2020)
Количество просмотров статьи: 1247

Jamoliddinova Nilufar Akramjonovna
Senior Lecturer of Namangan State University,
Namangan, Uzbekistan

Aliyeva Zulkhumor Jabbor qizi,
student of Namangan State University,
Namangan, Uzbekistan

The book is a man’s best friend, intelligent talker, and priceless friend. Through the books, people can talk to and confront the wise men and scholars who have lived through the ages, millennia, and in the recent past.

The miracle of human miracles is a book. It is the most powerful weapon in the world. The books live in the wisdom of the past. Made by human beings over and over again, all that he has achieved is preserved in the pages of books, like a magic box. Books are the soul and heart of any knowledge, the beginning of any science. In his poem “Kitab”, educated poet Hamza Hakimzoda Niyozi states that the book is a great treasure for man:

· Every dream is a dream come true,

· For anyone who knows its value, it is a living book.

· The head of every successor, the pearl of every thought,

· The cure for every illness is the Book of Luke.

The book illuminates the heart, elevates and elevates man’s power, evokes the best wishes, stimulates the mind and softens the heart. The Uzbek people have always taught their children about the book and its textbooks and miracles.

It’s a lot of books in the world right now. Also, how to choose which books you want to read from most books. Of course, our parents, siblings, especially teachers, come to our aid.

As a native language and literature teacher, I use a variety of methods to enhance my readers’ interest in reading. In each of my lessons, I spend a “lyrical pleasure” as a lyrical retreat. Here I read to my readers all sorts of sayings or interesting stories about the lives of poets and writers (I use stories from Utkir Khashimov’s collection “White Cloud, White Cloud”) or excerpts from the most fascinating part of the work. .

Students also have some fun and spiritual lessons in this way. I use this method in my native language and literature classes. Literary lessons often feature excerpts from works. I choose and tell my students where they are not in the textbook. I will tell you that the task at home is to give an additional assessment if anyone can find the full text of the work and read the rest of the excerpt. Students try to find the full text of the work. In addition, this method also establishes close links with the school library.

I also use the “Unexpected Call” method in my classes. I would like to thank the parents of the reader who read the artifacts and talked about the content and called them in the classroom and raised such wonderful children in front of the students. I like it a lot. They try to win such recognition.

I also teach expressive reading during the lessons. I have introduced categories such as “The Most Readable Reader”, “The Most Reader Reader”, “The Best Speaker”. Sometimes I record my students’ voices on a computer, and especially when they learn to read poetry, next time I’m going to give it to all the students in the class. Students will find the owner of the voice and ask them to participate in the process next time. Sometimes we also use role-playing techniques when we read fiction. For example, we silently silence the “Lion and the Dragon” cartoon. This will allow students to read the passage at home and prepare for lessons in advance. A child who loves reading fiction will never be a traitor or a homeland. This is because the person who loves the book will be beautiful.

You have often heard that the book is a treasure. Unfortunately, there are many friends among us who are not in a hurry to take advantage of this wealth. However, as the famous literary scholar, Hero of Uzbekistan Ozod Sharafiddinov said, the book is the first miracle created by humanity. So far, what books have been created by humanity, what they have discovered, and what scientific and life experience they have accumulated, is all in the books. The book’s reading does not require a person to spend extra physical effort or material wealth. Suffice it to be persistent and sincere in reading.

Anyone who loves books from a young age, becomes close friends with it, makes daily reading a habit, and develops a culture of reading and growing it, of course, can grow. Therefore, it is worthwhile to welcome anyone who tries to read as many books as possible in his free time. Understanding people, especially when fiction books enhance the reader’s human qualities