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The process of “entering the world” of zen buddhism sect "linh quang – tra lu central" in Vietnam: tradition and modernity

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Автор(ы): Truong Van Huong
Рубрика: Социологические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №10 2018»  (октябрь, 2018)
Количество просмотров статьи: 1724
Показать PDF версию The process of “entering the world” of zen buddhism sect "linh quang – tra lu central" in Vietnam: tradition and modernity

Truong Van Huong
Post-graduate student
VNU-University of Social Sciences and Humanities,
Hanoi, Vietnam
E-mail: chuaphuclong@gmail.com

Abstract: The article emphasizes “enter the world” is one of the most important characteristics of Buddhism in General, of the meditation sect of Buddhism in Vietnam in particular, the author of the article analyses the process of entering the world of Buddhism in Vietnam through the meditation sect’s representative “Linh Quang-Tra Lu Central ” — a Zen Buddhist sect in northern Vietnam in the past and the modern period. Through this analysis, the article aims to clarify a more fully developed painting of Buddhist Vietnam through the historic period since it was imported into this country.

Keywords: Buddhism in Vietnam, the entry of Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhist culture in Vietnam.

Buddhism, one of the world’s major religions in Vietnam more than two thousand years, to present it is the indigenous religion; it is a place to send the beliefs of the majority of the Vietnam. Special feature of this religion when you enter Vietnam is, it quickly became associated closely with the indigenous culture and beliefs of the Vietnamese people. It forms a special cultural phenomenon — “Buddhist Vietnam”.

Buddhism in Vietnam is on development path as a trunk does not stop crashing bouncing, forming up the branch, different sects, create an ancient canopy shade shine down Vietnam land which has always suffered more woes from the disaster , and the enemy. To have continuous growth in history, creating a foothold in the nation, at any stage of Buddhist Vietnam also soak in humanity to show Scouts with his life and guided them step by step get rid of “suffering postpartum depression”.

After a period of decline in XVI-XVII century, Buddhist renaissance began to grow again with the arrival of more falling, which here particularly the Zen master Raw Leg-people in combining Meditation Meditation sect with Lisa Lam sect the formation of International Forestry International faction-Long Meditation. After the birth of Lam sect-Long Meditation has developed all over the North, created many different branches, including notably the Meditation sect Buddhism “Optical Components-High Flood Tea” in the province of Nam Dinh, Vietnam-a major Buddhist Center in the North of the Vietnam.

Zen Buddhist sect “Linh Quang-Flood High Tea” was founded in 1815 by the venerable like the Universal Joint (1792-1862) in the province of Nam Dinh. For more than 200 years of development, the meditation sect Buddhism through successive generations was 11 and became one of the meditation sect of Buddhism in North Vietnam. Main ideas of Buddhism “Linh Quang-Flood High Tea” is expressed through the thought of the venerable like the Universal Joint. He was under the influence of Forestry-Long Action by Foot (1647-1726). Nguyen Duy Hinh researcher said that: "in summary, whether that lineage continues as life 36 Legs, so called Wisdom Posted-Foot Raw, even called the intelligence Post, rather call Legs, because he was from the first family with cardboard Lisa After Minh Luong, and still return to Lisa. Though if said Tong Tong Lam is Lisa, although officially only started from the foot of the Plateau. The beer Tower teacher in Long and Death records in the main International Forestry Yen sect are in the SEVENTEENTH century and later. It’s the only lineage Raw Foot, rather than lineage Lisa Tam nest “[5, p. 679-680]. Featured thought of this “Dharma in the world, the real world cup”, “the main positive benefit France, Hong Lok pants born” tied to the di Manager of Buddha, simultaneously expressed very clearly the thought enter the world of Buddhist Vietnam.

In this article, I will present the analysis and thought of entering the world of Buddhism in history, as well as in the current phase aims to contribute more fully to the Buddhist painting of Vietnam through different historical periods.


— The tradition of patriotic monks and nuns in Buddhist disciplines Zen buddhism Linh Quang — Tra Lu Trung

In a traditional cultural values ​​of the people of Vietnam, the patriotic tradition is the most typical value, dominant and development orientation of other values. Vietnam has locations — political and geo — economic importance in the region, and always be the focal point of invading foreign powers. Medieval, all dominated feudal dynasty in China — the most powerful empire the world at the time — at least once, more three times were to invade our country. And later, our nation must confront the powerful empire leading to the invasion of the country, such as the French, the Japanese fascists, the US imperialists. The build, water retention as well as the history arduous, heroic. With that Vietnamese people must often work hard, hard labor sea dykes, droughts and floods. The Context of building and defending the country makes the people of Vietnam soon ardent patriotism. When writing about the patriotic tradition of the Vietnamese, Tran Van Giau researchers commented “affection and patriotism is emotional and biggest ideas of the people, of the people of Vietnam. Patriotism is a red thread through the entire history of Vietnam from ancient to modern. Here nature Vietnam demonstrated clear, complete and most concentrated, than any other place. Patriotic become a social philosophy and humanity of the people of Vietnam and if the word “religion” with its original meaning is “the way”, the direction, the patriotism is truly a religion of Vietnam “[6, p. 6167]

The nuns in Zen Buddhism “Linh Quang — Tra Lu Trung” also are the land of Vietnam, they always have a sense of patriotic tradition and with its own way to show love in the context of land countries are invaded. The most prominent figures of the denominations in this activity is Thich Shunde (1919-2000). In addition to practice serving the religion, he directly participated in revolutionary activities for national liberation in the war against France, against the US "In the war against France, Monk as Commissioner of the Front Vietnamese Minh City Xuan Truong. From 1954 to the end of life as Member of the Fatherland Front Committee of Ha Nam Ninh province, and Nam Ha, Nam Dinh and deputies to the People’s Council, many key provinces “[1, p. 927]. To recognize the contributions of Ven to the nation, the State of Vietnam has awarded Mr. Plenty of accolades, medals and honors. Thus, as a part and parcel of the Vietnam Buddhist sect “Linh Quang — Tra Lu Trung” and mix it into the path of patriotism: “This is the path to enlightenment by at population level... Go to the enlightened world by such, Buddhist Vietnam has brought in his patriotism. Can not say patriotic love for the people without taking the aspirations of the people desire to do his desired aspirations. Conversely, were the true patriots, they must take the wishes of the people desire to do his desired aspirations. “Get” here is not the abstract general, in the mind, but by specific practical action. The main point of Buddhism led Vietnam to true patriotism “[4, p. 396]. as a part inseparable of the Vietnam Buddhist sect “Linh Quang — Tra Lu Trung” and mix it into the path of patriotism: “This is the path to enlightenment by saving people the world ... Go enlightenment by such Buddhist Vietnam has brought in his patriotism. Can not say patriotic love for the people without taking the aspirations of the people desire to do his desired aspirations. Conversely, were the true patriots, they must take the wishes of the people desire to do his desired aspirations. ‘Get’ here is not the abstract general, in the mind, but by specific practical action. The main point of Buddhism led Vietnam to true patriotism” [4, p. 396].

— Incarnation to spread Buddhist culture, people-oriented to value Truth — Compassion — Beauty

Besides the direct participation in the struggle for national liberation, the nuns in Son subjects Buddhist Linh Quang — Tra Lu Trung also actively enter the world to spread the Buddhist culture, people-oriented to values ​​Truthfulness — Compassion —Beauty. In this field must mention Thich Tue Tibet (1889 — 1959), Monk of the third generation of the sect, was Conference Sangha nationwide in 1954 proclaimed Venerable hold throne Shanghai Prime Sangha nationwide. Religious practices during cultivation, Venerable established a school, the nuns throughout North, Central and South of the participating school. According to Monk, monks and nuns must diligently study: the self, the religious wisdom, the referee candidates, the French pilot, tall guys low succeed in career self-awareness, sense of forgiveness and self-interests, the benefit of others to uphold the main mirror credit, puppet foot wall. Without the power to spread culture, Buddha’s teachings are not liberated are obstacles yoke and disarmament self-movement superstition, superstition has demoralize teachings of Buddha ... that moral sense of the people, as in Buddhist culture. Along the acculturation of Buddhism, Venerable Tue Tibet also promote the fine traditions of Buddhism expressed in the spirit of compassion, joy and equanimity, loving man, always extend a hand to help the unfortunate suffering pain physically and mentally. Not only positive themselves perform charity work, Monk also called monks, nuns and Buddhists also follow. According to Venerable “Society here is including the class of people, cross, lay, when needed thanks to the happy heart, hands compassionate pat relief. I see him every day chanting ceremony are passionate vow that ‘boundless beings vows degree’ story that if done the job, the person whose life is not respected, monks and nuns are representative of god of compassion for the world. This if the he of opinion, I would suggest to each Sangha localities are in accordance with the current state of disaster people stranded in his own country, which held up the aid agency that society, all monks and nuns are all up to make it work, the new social relief is not contrary to the vows of his new deputies enough compassion of Christ Redeemer. Tables for the true sense, the quartet grace monks and nuns, was the largest indebted society, because society gives birth to the end of his practice results; again, at one security, the spontaneous generosity, ease of sweat tears to bring to give yourself as temples, buying food and clothing to food in practice, when they shall tribulation, hunger which do not look for the aid, avoid extra star from sin that grace bumper. For that reason, the Buddha taught social grace, the grace herd horizontal Vietnam chief, sub-sample” [5, p. 401-402].

Thus, through the incarnation of Patriarch ahead in life pilot, demonstrated the spirit of compassion of the Buddha by specific actions. Thereby the cultural values of Buddhism gradually become absorbed into the human thoughts and actions of the Buddhists.


— Propagation

Preaching of Buddhism must be understood that the specific actions not only taught Buddhist theory alone. Therefore, both Buddhist religious factors in terms of means, but is both non-religious elements in religious aspects as well as methods of cultivation purposes. Considering the second aspect, Buddhism emphasizes the purpose of the lecture is “For the happiness of the masses, because peace for the masses, because of compassion for the world, for the good, for happiness, for peace optimistic for gods and men who” [3, p. 235]. This idea lofty is humane and universal to all mankind.

Fulfill instructions given by the Buddha, the monks and nuns in Zen Buddhism “Linh Quang — Tra Lu Middle” now constantly propagate Buddhism, benefiting populations of birth, as this is the key tasks of her. In a career that propagate the law, sect has many outstanding activities such as the implementation of VTP: Bat boy, France flower, Buddha, meditation, catechism classes, retreats Buddhist retreat, retreat youth summer ... in many various temples located Son subjects (temple Tra Lu China, temple Lang Lang, Pho Chieu pagoda, temple Dai Bi pagoda Vong Cung pagoda Phuc Long, Christian Perfume pagoda Tho Region, pagoda Doan Khe ...).

— Participate in social activities

Traditionally, Buddhist perform stand outside the political motto. This policy of Buddhism create relationships harmony between the State and religion, to avoid conflicts caused harm to Buddhists for political purposes. However, when Buddhism was introduced to Vietnam, the Zen Buddhist Vietnam demonstrates the spirit of “Depending coast invariant”, which means, if necessary, participate in politics to speak the truth leg their management aims to liberate all suffering to gain wisdom inherent in every human being. Political participation is not permanently based specifications of Buddhist Vietnam. When your tasks are done with politics, the Zen Master returned to the scene where a quiet meditation practice “of a myth”.

Zen “Tra Lu Middle” which still continue to maintain the tradition of “incarnation” of Buddhism in Vietnam in general, the tradition of Zen in particular, actively participate in the activities Buddha to devote to Religion Justice — ethnic. With traditional “household national security of people” monks and nuns in Son subjects actively involved in many operational Buddha meaningful to contribute to building spiritual life healthy for the believers and the social activities other contributing to national development such as participation in and support the red cross, study promotion Association and other associations.

A special feature of this aspect is Zen Buddhism “Tra Lu Middle” engaged in active dialogue with other religions in localities contribute to building solidarity bloc entire nation towards the overall development of the nation.

— The development of social philanthropy

This is the basic social function of Buddhism. Since its formation, the Buddhist spiritual evident sufferings and rescue sentient beings. In the teachings of the Buddha, altitude (generosity, morality, patience, diligent, meditation, wisdom) is the path practitioner go to liberation, enlightenment, in which the first thing to to make it happy “alms”. In addition, the Buddhist teachings and concepts people need love, compassion, joy, equanimity (quad output insensitive), this is the key factor in development of compassion, happiness sufferings, brought to the orientation for all activities of the Buddhist, jobs such as reporter born Self, broth charity in hospitals, donate to help the disadvantaged, family policy, the fund gratitude ...

In this spirit, the monks and nuns in Zen Buddhism Linh Quang — Tra Lu Middle actively promote the spirit of the teachings of the Buddha as well as the spirit of the Career Patriarch of Zen, especially under painting pen Thich Tam Enforcement of sending monks and nuns in Vietnam in which he emphasized the issue of relief for unhappiness.

In addition to financial assistance — material, sect also emphasized a greater mission that “France pilots”, ie to bring the teachings of Lord Buddha preached go to benefit student populations. It is also the primary responsibility of the Buddhists. French pilot has a very great value of all assets candidates, because candidates only financial help others less needy in a certain time, or at most to save a person’s life. But French pilot frees the human spirit, not only for the poor, but with wealth, title, not just influence in one’s life but also affect rewarded for following generations. This has been clearly reflected through the experience of the Buddha: “Gift of Dhamma surpasses all gifts, the Dhamma, its taste all other tastes beats, delight in the Dhamma bests other delights, destruction of craving conquers all ill” [2, p.101].

— Build temples and monasteries

From inception to date, the number of followers of the sect is increasing, according to which a system of pagodas, monasteries sect also constantly increasing. Many establishments temples and monasteries of paints subjects become historical relics, is the place to visit famous sights of local as well as the cross, numerous monasteries in war time became the basis of revolutionary activities as : Linh Quang pagoda arc, Dai Bi pagoda, the temple is more precious than the pagoda Phuc Long, unsaturated...

In short, the spirit world became a source imported to make up the vitality of Buddhism in Vietnam. Offering traditional Buddhist incarnation became the largest religion in Vietnam, affecting all aspects of social life in Vietnam, especially in the field of ethics and lifestyle. Zen Buddhism “Linh Quang — Tra Lu Middle” in the history of its development make more glorious tradition incarnation of Buddhism in Vietnam, contributing to reserves, develop leg cultural values, ethics Buddhism in today’s social life.


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