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Автор(ы): Хаитова Дилафруз Бекпулатовна
Рубрика: Филологические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №3 2020»  (март, 2020)
Количество просмотров статьи: 1095

Sapaeva Shokhista.
Student of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages,

Abstract: In this article following problems are discussed. Positivity and negativity of computers on the quality of work. The importance of computers on workplaces.

Key words: workplace productivity, day to day business operations, accelerating economic activity, productivity, globalization.

It is impossible to overstate the profound impact of computer technology on employment trend and work force structure in the modern technology. Nowadays, computers impact employment by both creating and destroying jobs, but more than anything by changing the nature of the jobs available. Generally combined with increases in workplace productivity, computers allow each employee, using quick technologies for example email, and internet fact-checking to accomplish more with every hour of work. Technology can include everything from physical devices to information technology networks has a deeply transformative influence on the modern world and economy field. From changing consumer preferences to reshaping the way businesses produce and market goods, technology can be considered in the smallest details of day-to-day business operations, increasing the productivity of employees and investments also accelerating economic activity, promoting independence between industries and allowing for the continual deployment of new technologies and also creating new business risks.

Firstly, we should pay attention, creating jobs. While increasing in productivity allow some employers to scale back on hiring, the reality is that more productive workers are a better labor investment and employers interested in growing their businesses are more likely to hire new people and expand. As an industry in itself, computer technology creates jobs in new fields like programming, animation, and online publishing. However, there are some additional considerations, beyond the impacts of computers on the jobs we can hold the devices also can change the way we do our jobs. Connected with information technologies item such as internet messaging and file transferring computer allow for greater flexibility in working arrangements. This flexibility can improve quality of life factors for workers with systems like internet freelancing, telecommuting. However, it can also introduce risks such as a lack of job security fewer opportunities for interactions with co-workers, lead to reduce possibilities of having main benefits such as health insurance. Productivity also plays a main role on the field of work. Through process improvement, workers can develop their skills and product development, technology tends to go up productivity in business operations. While the exact size of that improvement is an issue of academic debate. Technologies such as email make communication about business operations faster and easier increasing the overall productivity of workers. Technologies like online customers service and consumer support pages and can help to reduce the need for personal attention and increase the productivity of investments in these areas without sacrificing customer experience. Another of them is acceleration. Technology used to accelerate the rate of business operation. Whether through quicker airplanes or online data transfers. Online money transfers web purchasing and Internet file sharing all used to accelerate the production cycle making the capitalization, production sale and distribution of good rather than faster. From operations standpoint technological acceleration both forces companies to move faster to meet consumer demands and provides the tools for them to do so. The last one is globalization. Nowadays, companies can communicate and transfer resources on a global scale makes them more likely to conduct business with a global web of clients and providers. Technology such as internet, video conferencing and access to economic data from around the world makes as feasible to conduct business or make investments in a neighboring town as doing so on another continent. Technology facilities integration and inter dependence through improvements in transportation and communications. Risks, although adopting new technology can be very beneficial and necessary for a business. Because without doing risks, we cannot reach our goals. Every new technology also presents a unique set of new risks without proper employee training in how to use a new system, for example technology can decrease productivity and reduce employee satisfaction. The rapid migration of personal and corporate operations information to online debates also makes companies more vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can affect operations or shut down a business altogether.

To sum up, all information above mentioned some benefits of technology on the quality of workplace. Yes, at present we are living in the technological world. Every aspect of our live depends on the technology. With the help of technology, we can everything like online marketing, online booking, making emails. Most of the workplaces use and demand technology. Additionally, it is important to know the way a computer can affect our jobs. Most of people rely on their computer skills to find meaningful employment and to work effectively one employed.


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