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The important role of technology in education

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Рубрика: Педагогические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №4 2018»  (апрель, 2018)
Количество просмотров статьи: 4696
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TERSU teacher

TERSU student

Technology has always played an important role in education but the immense change in technology and the growing presence of the internet have changed our students scientific potential more than ever for the last decade. Today’s students grow up with developing technology, access to internet anytime, anywhere available. They have become familiar with mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, console games etc. As a result, of all these innovations, our students are no longer thinking and getting the information as they may have had in the past.

Technology has influenced our students the way they learn, get the information, think and interact. They have become collaborative, autonomous, exploratory and connected learners. Education system in Uzbekistan curriculum and the approaches we believe in are effective as well as 21st century gave students new ways to learn self and improve themselves. They are fluent in using computers, internet, mobile phones, messaging , etc. in my view, all teachers need to be more familiar with the growing technology because this is the only way to become a digital native. First we need to use and explore the technology personally, then we will find the best ways to integrate it into our teaching to communicate, create and collaborate.

Using technology in our classes can help our students become better problem solvers, constant explorers, more autonomous learners, interactive and collaborative. Technology helps to collaborate in global projects, it provides authentic material and is a good way to improve writing and listening skills as well as communicative abilities. They are already using it. They mail each other every day, they send messages via mobile phones, they complete online information every day, they chat and they spend most of their lives online.

Our curriculums and methodologies we use will always improve. New approaches will be popular and adopted, new goals will be added and our digital native students will always be evolving and changing rapidly. Education, competition and skills are changing. „We are no longer teaching if what we teach is more important than who we teach or how we teach” Our students have already surpassed the limits of our education systems. We should keep the traditional content that works and helps our learners in our curriculums but we should also include the future, the future is digital and it enhance learning. Technology is a way of life and a necessity and we should be ready to handle this. It’s a long journey and there are a lot to be done not to lose anything on the way.

New technology and new ideas not only changed our life but also our classes, so we believe following activities make ESP classes more fruitful and live and make students think creative and do something new. ESP classes are very technical and very complicated to teach, and to find new ways of teaching.

In my experience, utilizing internet technologies deliver a broad array of solutions that enhance knowledge and performance of student. In my practice period at school. I observed students get more effective data with the help of technology. Because it plays main role in learning the language.

If we use above-written activities: discussions, brainstorming, picture describing, picture narrating, it would give a lot of knowledge to students and improve their writing, speaking, creative thinking, listening skills more better, especially, in ESP classes these activities are more demanding.

21st century gave students and people, teachers computerized society where they may get digital information and use it for their professional live issues: in the process of teaching, in modernizing factories, system of education, etc.

All in all, activities we use in ESP classes based on specialty students study and get new ideas and create something new for society.

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This article is about the important role of technology in education. Using technology in our classes can help our students become better problem solvers, constant explorers, more autonomous learners, interactive and collaborative.


Данная статья посвящена к важнейшей роли технологии в обучение. Использование технологии на наших занятиях помогает студентам легко решать проблемы, работать над собой, быть более автономными, интерактивными и действовать совместно.