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Автор(ы): Хаитова Дилафруз Бекпулатовна
Рубрика: Филологические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №3 2020»  (март, 2020)
Количество просмотров статьи: 1272

Sapaeva Shokhista.
Student of the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages,

Abstract: In this article followed problems discussed: Advantage and disadvantage of Mass Media. The effect of Media on Children and adolescents’ behavior. Consequences of media.

Key words: TV, video games, the internet, radio, web-sites.

Nowadays, people have huge demand for media especially, young adolescents. If there is no media, it is rather difficult to image life without it. As we witness, most of young spend their times with media than they do in any other activity except for sleeping an average 7-8 hours a day. Researchers has found that Media influence for children’s beliefs and behaviours. The majority of young people have access to a TV, radio, computer, internet, video games. As coin has two sides. There are some pros and cons of media. Heavy television watching can be linked with attention-deficit, as well as asthma, sleep disorders, mood disorders, psychological stress and depression.

However, Media can be a positive effect on children, especially young children. It can teach empathy, tolerance, toward of other races and respect for their elders, as well as convey important public messages. Researchers can provide with recommendations for parents, schools, colleges, the government to increase the benefits and reduce harm that Media have. In media violence including television, movies, various shows, video games, represents a significant risk to health of children and adolescents. According to latest research evidence shows that Media violence can contribute to aggressive behaviour, terrible nightmares, and fear of being harmed. According to pediatrists and other child health providers can advocate for a safer media atmosphere for children by pushing media literacy, more thoughtful and proactive use of media by children and their parents should be responsible for their children while using media.

In addition, children learn best by observing a behaviour and trying to act it. The consequences of their behavioral attempts influence whether they repeat the behaviour. All kind of violent media can teach specific violent behaviours, the circumstances when such behaviours seem suitable and useful, attitudes and beliefs about such be behaviour. In this way, behavioral scene is learned and saved in memory. Video games and video shows provide an ideal environment in which to learn violence and use many of strategies which are more effective way for learning. In media studies, researchs, psychology, communication theory, Media influence and media effects are topics relating to mass media effects on individual or and audience’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour. Whether it is written, televised, spoken mass media reaches a large audience. Mass media is considered as being one of the most significant forces in modern culture. Some research has proved that сontext in which media violence is portrayed and consumed can make the difference between learning about violence and learning to be violent. Playing different games which treat to human behaviour that can cause suffering, loss, sadness to victims. In this type of context, with helpful adult guidance on the real costs and consequences of violence, especially young adolescent viewer can learn the danger and harm of violence by different experiencing its outcomes. Unfortunately, most entertainment violence is used for immediate visceral thrills without portraying any human cost and it is consumed by children without adult guidance or discussion. As I mentioned above, addicting to mass media is not good situation. Every young child and adolescent should control themselves. Above expressed different types of negative and positive effects. In my opinion, children should spend their time for reading books and going to library.


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