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The effectiveness of teaching english in high schools of Uzbekistan

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Автор(ы): Shoinazarova V., Pardaeva Z.
Рубрика: Педагогические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №4 2018»  (апрель, 2018)
Количество просмотров статьи: 2800
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TerSU teacher

TerSU student

After getting the Independence the Republic of Uzbekistan has worked out an own model of development, taking into account the specific social and political traditions in the country. One of the most important conditions for the development of any country is a well functioning education system. As the education system ensures the formation of a highly developed that must be able to live in a highly, with social and personal activity, ability to function independently in the public and political life. The highest objective of reformation in Uzbekistan is to revive those traditions, fill them with new content and set up all necessary conditions achieving peace and democracy, prosperity, cultural advancement freedom of conscience and intellectual maturity for every person on earth.

According to the requirement on the National Program of Personnel training and reforming of the highest education in the republic of Uzbekistan it is important to make effective changes in the System of Higher education. As the first president of the republic of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov highlighted "Our young generation must be quick cutter, wiser, healthier and of course, must be happier than us".[1]

In teaching foreign languages the most important of all, is to develop communication and interaction skills of learners. Teaching vocabulary and structures are on the very important stage for it. Furthermore, if only people, these are thought, communication won’t be inadequate. Learners may know the rulers and many words but they will be unable to use these in their speech. They say, reading, writing is developed by writing, as well we can improve our English learners’ communicative and interactive skills only by more speaking and communicating.

In the globalization age today, English assumes as a more and more important part as a means of international communication than ever. Therefore, in some recent years, the focus of teaching has been promoting oral skills in order to respond to the students’ needs for effective communication.

However, due to some objective and subjective reasons, teaching and learning English in general and teaching and learning speaking in particular does not come up to the study aims. Despite teachers’ efforts to provide students with opportunities to develop their communicative skills, how to teach and learn speaking effectively is still a challenging question to both teachers and students at many high schools in Uzbekistan.

In language teaching, language games have proved themselves not merely as „time filler activities” but as an important factor which can create more chances and interest to motivate students to speak. Nevertheless, language games have not successfully applied to speaking classes in many educational institutions.

Used literature:

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This article is about the effectiveness of teaching English in High schools of Uzbekistan. In teaching foreign languages the most important of all, is to develop communication and interaction skills of learners.


Данная статья посвящается к изучению эффективности обучение английского языка в высших учебных заведениях Узбекистана. Самое важное в обучение иностранных языков является развитие коммуникации и навыки общение учашихся.