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National characteristics our lives

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Автор(ы): Altibayeva G. M., Qodirova G.A.
Рубрика: Социологические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №6 2018»  (июнь, 2018)
Количество просмотров статьи: 1569
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The people of Uzbekistan have long been famous for its rich past, beautiful history, as well as unique and invaluable values, which have been in the centuries to the present. The future of our country is closely connected with its past. The first president, I.A.Karimov, said: “There is no future without a historical memory”. Indeed, a nation that does not know its history is not a nation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that our well-established history, traditions, traditions and devotion to our national values ​​create the foundation for our great future. People’s will of the national values ​​expresses its spirit, dreams and expectations and meets the requirements of modernity. The national values ​​in the literature are analyzed in different ways. It is still in force today that our compatriots live in close friendship with their close relatives. This is the most attractive example of our national values, which is a symbol of the community, the family, the mahalla, the nation, and the great attention paid to them.

One of the most important tasks of the country is education of young people in the spirit of patriotism. Therefore, in order to instill this kind of patriotism into the mind of the child, first and foremost, the cultivation of him in the spirit of values ​​should be considered as the highest goal, and because of his patriarchal value.

Our national values, traditions and traditions have been restored and regained during the years of independence, but the reforms carried out in our society will be successful, because people with a spirit of spiritual perfection, spirit of mind, enlightenment and new thinking can glorify the way of independence and progress. Thus, the study of the cultural heritage and spiritual values ​​of our people, and the inculcation of them in the younger generation, is the basis for their spiritual well-being.

Keeping the rich and cultural heritage left by our ancestors with creative and enriching them with the achievements of modern science, shaping the future generations with national and universal values ​​and increasing their creativity is the key to strengthening the foundations of independence. In general, the values ​​are reflected in social development. It reflects the natural, political, spiritual and cultural relations, is constantly renewed, and in the spirit of the times. changes, develops, increases, improves. Changes in historical processes are reflected in the values.

When we gained independence our national concepts were returned to our lives. Among these national concepts, the concept of “Ghazary” also has a special place. The essence of all concepts lies in the value. The radical proof of this is that rooted and developed roots in our lives. We can see that the indigenous people do not have any nationality, and even in some tribes who continue to live in the background, they work on their national values. They do not understand, but unwittingly relies on the values ​​and continues the tradition of the tribe. The first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, IA Karimov, has the following thoughts: “The depth and depth of the cultural and spiritual heritage of our great ancestors who have contributed to the achievements of the world culture, their respect for their past, the noble national and religious traditions , their education in the spirit of preservation, while the clear understanding of the need for a modern world civilization and the need to accompany them — all this is a life-giving land that our policy of increasing our national self — esteem and renewal, strengthening the political maturity and activity of the people depends on this ground. ”

Values ​​are a broader concept. The essence of the essence is that it can be divided into conscious and physical values. Both are important and necessary. The sources of manuscripts, various manuscripts, religious worships, temples are the essence of these things, without exhaustion.

According to the philosopher VP Tugarinov, values ​​are the essence of society events, which are the ideal values ​​of human life and culture. The reason why these blessings are so valuable is that people value it. Because these blessed gifts blend personal and social lives. He values ​​every single process that takes place in human life. One of the highest values ​​is man and his life. It is absurd to speak of value in the absence of man. Man’s attitude towards man, his initiative, his love and respect for him is the main aspect of dignity. A loyal person who values ​​the values ​​is a loyal child who is worthy of his own country, and tomorrow he will be able to protect his land from any evil forces.

As President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev Sh.M. said: “The victory of our army is ours as well.” As we have said above, a loyal child can defend his country because of his values, because he is a patriot and a patriot of love to the Homeland, formations.

A. Fittrat’s thought about the importance of training in value improvement: “People’s religion is to be a state, to be honored with respect, to be cautious or to be weak, to wear poverty, to be miserable, to be subject to others, The captivity depends on their parents’ education in childhood. ”

From the lively examples, the value is the concept of the nation, its pride, its beliefs.

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