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Geographical properties of tourism development in Zarafshan Valley

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Автор(ы): Назаров Холмирза Тиркашович, Ибрагимов Лутфулло Зиядуллаевич, Тиркашев Суннат Холмиразевич, Абдуразакова Шохиста, Мамаризаев Шухрат
Рубрика: Географические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №1 2019»  (январь, 2019)
Количество просмотров статьи: 1501
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Назаров Холмирза Тиркашович,
к.г.н., доцент
Кандидат географическая наук, доцент.
Заведующий кафедрой
География и природные ресурсы

Ибрагимов Лутфулло Зиядуллаевич,
доктор философии по географическим наукам

Тиркашев Суннат Холмиразевич

Абдуразакова Шохиста,

Мамаризаев Шухрат,

Samarkand State University
E-mail: Lutfullobek@mail.ru

Annotation: In this article gives attention to the geographical aspects of tourism development in the Zarafshan valley, with special attention to the development of new trends in tourist marches and the development of map schemes.

Key words: Zarafshan oasis, tourism, tourist infrastructure, tourist map, tourist march, recreational resource.

Abstract: В данной статье уделяется внимание географическим аспектам развития туризма в долине Зеравшана, с особым вниманием к развитию новых тенденций в туристических маршах и разработке картографических схем.

Ключевые слова: Зеравшанский оазис, туризм, туристическая инфраструктура, туристическая карта, туристический поход, рекреационный ресурс.

After gaining independence, our country has been paying a great attention to the development of tourism, as well as in all spheres of policy. The adoption of the Law “On tourism” on 20 August 1999, raised the issue of further improving the tourism infrastructure together with the creation of a legal base for tourism development in our republic. In addition, the adoption of a number of laws and regulations aimed at the development of tourism has shown the need for gradual development of all types of tourism. Because the great potential of the tourism development of our republic among the countries of the world is characterized by the fact that how many native and foreign tourists are being attracted [1].

Even the tourism sector is relatively newer, more versatile and more profitable than other sectors of the country, it accounts for less than 3% of the country’s GDP (about 2 million tourists from more than 70 countries visit Uzbekistan) [2].

In “Development Strategy” of our country for 2017-2021 signed by the President Sh. Mirziyoev, developing tourism industry rapidly, promoting its role and share in the economy, enhancing the quality and diversification of tourist services and the issues of enlarging the tourism infrastructure were assigned in priority areas of economic development and liberalization, and the specific steps the plans for tourism development has been created on that matter and concrete measures are said to be done for putting them into practice. Responsible organizations were commissioned to implement them, and a large-scale practical work on its implementation was initiated.

There are great opportunities (more than 7 thousand of historical monuments belong to different time periods, 110 international touristic directions) for development of all types of tourism in our country. Especially, the presence of such cities as Samarkand, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and Bukhara, which are among the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, promotes the development of tourism industry and public services.

There are more than seven thousands cultural, historical monuments in our country, more than four thousands of which are among the list of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) result in further enhance of native and foreign tourists’ visits through developing tourism infrastructure and it, in its turn, has an important role in improvement of our economy.

One of the most promising areas of tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan is Zarafshan oasis which had been one of the centers of human civilization since ancient times and was the part of the “Great Silk Road” connecting Europe and Asia, and the development of craftsmanship, trade, cultural and ethnic relations in this area resulted in the creation of ancient city-building and the erection of historical monuments. This, in its turn, attracted tourists from other countries and was the cause of the development of economic, cultural and political relations in the region and led to the establishment of trade and cultural-educational cooperation between them.

A unique and comfortable nature, national culture, hospitality, historical places, monuments, and natural wonders of this oasis which attracted many people for ages led to the formation of tourism.

During the years of Independence, the first President of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov made a number of practical works through the implementation of a number of legislative acts on the development of tourism. For instance, Historical monuments and complexes of great scientists have been restored and the surrounding areas have been renewed and their ancient potential has been restored. The construction of more than 500 big and small hotels with new conveniences for tourists has led to a further increase in the flow of tourists, which has contributed to the growth of foreign exchange earnings in the region and further consolidation of our economy.

Further promotion of tourism is one of the most pressing issues and it requires opening new tourist routes for further development. For this purpose, the creation of large-scale maps and map samples will allow to fully utilize the tourist facilities and recreational resources of the area, which is important for both native and foreign tourists to rest and restore their health.

Through organizing touristic directions, such as watching natural wonders, mountain hiking, walking in the areas with beautiful scenery, swimming in the swimming pools, relaxing in the unrepeatable natural places for native and foreign tourists, we can make them relax, taking aesthetic pleasure from unrepeatable, beautiful natural surroundings, refresh psychologically, improve their health, increase their interest in the nature and develop skills such as a serious approach to nature conservation as well as their travel time for rest.

Creating recreation and resting hostels in the areas of touristic line caused the improvement of all the directions of tourism infrastructure.

Service of local and foreign tourists will lead to the further development of the tourism industry and the formation of tourism types.

Until now, there are tourist maps of the regions, but the lack of large-scale tourist maps and the map plans of separate zones and routes do not allow the full use of tourist facilities and recreational resources. This results negatively to the development of tourism. Studying the geographical position of recreational resources and touristic objects, stating economic value of touristic opportunities is one of the urgent issues, which is important for the development of tourism in Uzbekistan, promoting the flow of local and foreign tourists, and improving the economy of our republic. Making the maps and map plans of touristic and recreational resources of specific regions and routes, development of tourist brochures for each object through formation of information sources on them, organization of long and short period recreations for local and foreign holidaymakers, will result the increase in economic efficiency of tourism.

In Zarafshan’s oasis there are a lot of such touristic routes and separate zones, and it is desirable to use them as a whole.

Based on the above, the following suggestions have been developed: the preparation of advertising brochures on each tourist object, the use of the map schemes is important, giving the object opportunities more accurate and formation of a database on the object, which has scientific significance, creates the basis for the further development of tourism in the scientific field.

It will be effective to organize tours to small, but attractive monuments, natural wonders, as well as major touristic destinations as Samarkand-Bukhara, Samarkand-Shakhrisabz routes, and giving a deep impression on tourists about touristic objects will lead to the further development of tourism in our country in the future. For example, visiting Amankuton, Khazrati Bashir and Kutirbulak in Samarkand-Shakhrisabz’s touristic destination, is of greater interest to tourists and increases their travel period. For this purpose, it is important to prepare maps, map schemes and booklets that reflect small tourist attractions along with major tourist destinations. The creation of short-run routes with broader routes implies the full study of the region. Enabling the region to benefit from tourism and recreational resources will increase economic efficiency. At the same time, the organization of tourist services and services in the regions creates additional jobs.

In conclusion, it is important to make maps and charts on areas and directions based on the study of tourism and recreational resources around the Samarkand-Shakhrisabz, Samarkand-Bukhara routes in the Zarafshan oasis. The Zarafshan oasis is a full-fledged tourist destination and has a great potential for the development of our economy.


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