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Cosmic horizons or dead end of global civilization on Earth?

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Автор(ы): Левин Борис Михайлович
Рубрика: Технические науки
Журнал: «Евразийский Научный Журнал №4 2021»  (апрель, 2021)
Количество просмотров статьи: 923
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Boris M. Levin
Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics,
Russ. Acad. Sci., Moscow (1964-1987)
In cooperation with Konstantinov Institute of Nuclear Physics,
Russ. Acad. Sci.,
Gatchina (St. Petersburg) (1984-1987),
Ioffe Physical Technical Institute,
Russ. Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg (2005-2007).
E-mail: bormikhlev@yandex.ru

Quantum field theory/QFT (Standard Model/SM) excludes the observation of tachyons — a “particles” with a speed exceeding the speed of light. We substantiated this prohibition by the fact that the physical observer/PhO (a representative of the species Homo sapiens — his rational sphere that controls causal relationships) is “inside” the Light Cone.

“Resonant conditions” in the system 22Na-gaseous neon and two detected anomalies of -positron/-positronium annihilation in gaseous neon (1956-USA/64Cu; 1965/USA; 1967, 1987-Russia/22Na; 1975-England, Canada/22Na), as well as the excess of the rate of self-annihilation -positronium (USA-1982-1990/22Na, 68Ga; 2003?), established in precision measurements, in comparison with that calculated in quantum electrodynamics/QED — this cannot be understood without complementing the QFT paradigm by including physical space-time of the macroscopic, two-valued () region “outside” the Light Cone (topological quantum transition, “local” causality) in the presence -positronium, as an analogue of the formalization of the status of physical observer/PhO.

The unified nature of dark energy/dark matter is presented. The mechanism of the interaction of dark matter with matter is clarified.

On this basis, fundamentally new non-destructive technologies can be substantiated in all spheres, including social and civilization ones, up to the development of near (solar system) and deep space (exoplanets).

The currently accepted paradigm of “absolutely remote” space-time “outside” the Light Cone is transformed as a result of the postulate of a topological quantum transition in the final state of -decay (all decays of -isotopes of the type ) into a subject-close (“local” causality) due to the postulation of analog status PhO by -positronium — through its oscillations in the looking glass (in the space-time a of macroscopic, two-valued atom of long-range action/ALRA with ALRA nucleus), where the irrational sphere of PhO (sub-consciousness, super- consciousness) is “localized”.

A.S. Pushkin gave a vivid definition of the essence of SCIENCE:

Oh, how much of wondrous discoveries

Enlightenment Spirit preparing for us

And Experience the son of difficult errors

And genius, the paradoxes’ friend,

And Case — the Got of all inventions.


To the genius who defined the era — the golden age of Russian literature — and the future of Russia, the herald of Russian cosmism, cannot be accused to the fact that in this hymn to SCIENCE he did not foresee the apocalyptic Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But the feat of the geniuses of sciences, the tension of the whole Russian society balanced and blocked the nuclear sting of the West.

With the collapse of the USSR, the global nuclear balance of power is being tested again. Aggressive rhetoric from the West is growing...

A problem arises — to overcome the destructive geopolitical stereotype of forceful polarization “West-East” and transform it into a paradigm of all-round cooperation between states and peoples.

Are there scientific, fundamental prerequisites for the creative forces “East-West”, concerned about the preservation of the life and civilization on Earth?

Save civilization on Earth...

The Fermi paradox is known (see Wikipedia/in Russian, February 19, 2021) — the absence of visible traces of the activities of alien civilization that should have settled throughout the Universe over billions of years of its development.

Considering all the comments to the pro et contra paradox, let us dwell on the idea that humanity and its SCIENCE have already reached a level that allows us to think about our own expansion into the distant Cosmos [1].

But a quarter of a century after the publication of [1] with an attempt of fundamental justification of the warp drive

— “Miguel Alcubierre himself admitted in an interview that every day his skepticism about flights at FTL is growing. If it is possible, then not earlier than in a few centuries” (from the Internet).

The current skepticism of Alcubierre is justified, since, according to his calculations, implementation requires the presence of an amazing array of exotic matter with negative energy density: the energy equivalent of the mass of the entire Universe; later the estimate of the required exotic matter is reduced to the mass of Jupiter.

In [2], from the standpoint of General Relativity/GR and QFT, all models of superluminal motion in space-time are compared — “wormhole”, “Alcubierre bubble”, “Krasnikov tube”, etc.

Regarding the idea of Alcubierre, it is noted that “...the construction proposed by him contained tachyons. This made it somewhat meaningless...” [2].

This remark essentially hides the contradictory nature of the “tachyon” phenomenology, which was discovered and overcome as a result of a critical experiment [3].

In the experiment [3], the hypothesis of paradoxical realization of the Mössbauer Effect under the “resonance conditions” of the gaseous neon system -gaseous neon was confirmed: when comparing the time spectra of neon simple depleted in the 22Ne isotope (from 8.86% in a simple of natural isotopic composition to 4.91%), “shoulder” and the intensity I2 of the orthopositronium component of the lifetime spectrum increases by almost 2 times ()% (Russia, 1987).

This means that taking into account the other two annihilation anomalies -positron/-positronium [4, item 5], it is necessary to expand the modern SM, since according to the SM the isotope effect [4, item 6] is vanishingly small: 10—7-10—6.

But the expert community has passed by the experimental substantiation of the phenomenology of new (additional) physics “outside” the Light Cone with a space like structure ALRA() instead of the counterproductive phenomenology “tachyon” [5].

Noteworthy is the similarity of the ALRA()-model of the new (additional) physics “outside” the Light Cone [5,6] and the “Alcubierre bubble”. In this case, it is assumed that both hypostases of ALRA() (dark energy/dark matter) are realized in warp-motion: the dynamics of warp-motion as a generalization of Huygens Principle (space-time realization of dark energy) and mentality of astronauts (dark matter, as a realization of rational and irrational spheres of Homo sapiens [7]).

It is important to emphasize here that in [5-8], in essence, not only the mathematical model of General Relativity/GR [1] is discussed, but also the possibility of getting out of the stagnation of the SM (since the mid-1970s) on the basis of experiments and phenomenology, i.e. the possibility of a breakthrough in PHYSICS to a unified description of QFT and gravity (to the Theory of Everything).

Another fundamental basis for universal expansion is CULTURE:

Until now, there has never been a rational self-study of human culture on our planet, just as before the time of Galileo there was no natural science objective in our sense. <...>

Of course, the situation of humanity is now more dangerous than it has ever been in the past. But potentially the thinking acquired by our culture thanks to its natural science (emphasized — B.L.) gives it the opportunity to avoid the death that befell all the high cultures of the past. This is happening for the first time in world history”.

Konrad Lorenz. Die Rückseite des Spiegels. Versuch einer Naturgeschichte menschlichen Erkennens. Piper & Co. Verlag, München, 1973; Translation [9].

The thorny path of the implementation of the program of “self-study of human culture” is also indicated: to overcome the “Eight deadly sins of civilized mankind” — Overpopulation; Devastation of living space; Running a race with yourself; Heat death of feeling; Genetic degeneration; Break with tradition; Indoctrination; Nuclear weapon.

Konrad Lorenz. Die acht todsunden der zivilisierten Menschheit. Piper & Co. Verlag, München, 1973; Translation [9].

In the context of strengthening the connection between “natural science” (PHYSISC, as a foundation) and CULTURE among the deadly sins from the standpoint of expanding the SM, special attention needs to be paid is indoctrination.

Indoctrination is understood as the purposeful and conscious instillation of certain values, political ideas, symbols, norms of behavior, etc groups of people, that is indoctrination is suggestibility, susceptibility to fashion, stereotypes.

“...never before have manipulators possessed such a developed advertising technique, built on scientific experiments, never before have they had such ‘a lucky mass media’” [9, p.51]. <...>

Fashion produced its worst impacts ... in the natural sciences. It would be a great mistake to think that professional scientists are not affected by the cultural diseases that are the subject of this work. <...> “Big Science” is by no means a science about the greatest and highest things on this planet, not a science about the human soul and human spirit, it is primarily and exclusively that which brings a lot of money or a lot of energy, or that which gives great power ... <...> The particular danger of fashionable indoctrination in the field of science is that it leads away the desire for knowledge of too many, although, fortunately, not all modern naturalists are in the direction directly opposite to the true goal of mankind, namely the better self-knowledge of man" [9, p.53].

Harrison McAllister Randall (1870-1969) was an American physicist whose leadership from 1915 to 1941 brought the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA) a prominent international position in experimental and theoretical physics.

A unique world position in precision, absolute measurements of the lifetime of orthopositronium for a decade (1980-1990) was held by the group of the laboratory named after H.M. Randall University of Michigan under the direction of Professor A. Rich (1938-1990).

The irony of the story is that it was the Michigan group that published in Physical Review Letters the article “Resolution of the Orthopositronium-Lifetime Puzzle” (2003), in which it disavowed the results of its previous precision measurements (1982-1990), which came into conflict with the theory (quantum electrodynamics), and thus “closed” the problem for the scientific community.

In unequal opposition to the mistaken decision of the Michigan group, our arguments (since 2004) about the need to continue and intensity work in the line with the new (additional) physics “outside” the Light Cone [5-8] have not yet reached the experts.

The Petersburg writer very accurately outlined the essence of this unspoken “battle”: “... the truth does not depend on voting. Truth is not a democrat” [10].

The “destructive” action of the Michigan group (the quotes mean that the 2003 work objectively played a constructive role, since its destructive conclusions made it possible to discover and substantiate the manifestation of the fundamental connection between gravity and electricity — the reason for the erroneous decision of the Michigan group, which did not own all available time by experimental information) became possible in conditions when there was a cognitive bias as a consequence of the indoctrination of “Big Science” (according to K. Lorenz): leading experts associate the exit of fundamental physics from stagnation exclusively with ultrahigh energies. Most significantly, since the mid-1970s, no experimental substantiation of supersymmetry has been obtained.

During the lifetime of Professor A. Rich, the decision-defection of the Michigan group most likely could not have taken place.

No, and there not be any reasonable judgment that excludesquiet physicsfrom the search for ideas that will lead fundamental physics out of stagnation, since on the basis of phenomenology [5-8] even a substantiation of the program of increasing the energy of the proton-proton collider to 100 TeV [8].

It has already been shown [6] that ALRA() (U), as the phenomenology of a new (additional) physics “outside” the Light Cone in the “resonance conditions” of the final state of -decay, is exactly what is being discussed as the “Alcubierre bubble” with commensurate correspondence between the vacuum-like matter (U+) and exotic matter (U).

The horizons of the opening new physics are boundless...

It is no accident that since the end of the 1980s, the exoplanets program has been implemented in the observations of astrophysicists, and at the beginning of the third millennium, the Poincaré hypothesis (the Poincaré-Perelman theorem) was proved.

In the current contradictory and dangerous reality, it is appropriate to paraphrase are above conclusion of the writer, since Science is not a democrat:

It is necessary by all means to overcome the barrier of inattention of experts in order to implement the Program of the decisive experiment [5-8].

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